About the showcases
HKTDC Entrepreneur Day (E-Day)

7-8 December 2023

Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Entrepreneur Day (E-Day) is a premier annual event of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). The gala serves as a gateway for innovation and technology practitioners to converge and explore the cutting-edge landscape in the industry. In its 2022 hybrid format edition, E-Day presented an exceptional lineup of inspiring online seminars, workshops and events. Over 60 esteemed speakers shared their expertise and insight. The exhibition featured a remarkable showcase of 138 exhibitors, attracted over 3,400 physical attendees and garnered a staggering online viewership of 9,000 from 44 countries and regions.

E-Day 2023, under the theme of “Building Resilience.Boosting Collaboration” with a series of seminars, workshops, start-up pitching, exhibitions, business matching meetings and networking events, aims to explore the development of the international start-up ecosystem after the start-up boom. Latest technology trends and market insights will be offered to facilitate corporates to tap into global markets, especially GBA and RCEP member regions, and seek business partners. The board range of visitors will amplify the exposure and publicity of the “Hong Kong Innovation & Invention” project display showcase, not only to the industry members but also to the public, including higher education students.

About the showcases
The 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG)

17-21 April 2024

Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland

The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG) is an esteemed annual event that celebrates and showcases the latest innovations and inventions, fostering collaborations and connections among professionals in the field of innovation and technology (I&T). The highly successful 48th edition of IEIG was held physically in Geneva from 26th to 30th April 2023, attracting nearly 1,000 entries from approximately 40 countries and regions, with a notable presence from Asia. Hong Kong made a significant impact in the 48th IEIG, presenting an impressive record-high of 293 entries. The Hong Kong contingent comprised nearly 500 representatives from universities, research and development centres, research laboratories, technology companies, government departments, as well as primary and secondary schools, reflecting Hong Kong's vibrant ecosystem that supports research and development in the field.

IEIG provides an invaluable networking platform for industrial and commercial companies, universities, inventors, researchers, associations, and private and state organizations and institutions to showcase their inventions, research findings and new products. The "Hong Kong Innovation & Invention" project display showcase in the upcoming 49th IEIG is expected to capture the attention of visitors from European and American countries, which will effectively promote the capacity of Hong Kong’s I&T sector on an international stage and reinforce Hong Kong's status as a prominent hub for I&T in Asia.


To be eligible to participate in the display showcases, the participating company (Participant) and its participating exhibits (Exhibit) must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The Participant must hold a valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate.
  • The Exhibit must be an original innovation and invention created and owned by the Participant. If the Participant does not own the Exhibit, a written consent from the owner must be submitted for exhibition purpose.
  • The Exhibit must be a manufactured article that has been launched in the market but not parts thereof.
  • The Exhibit must have patent protection or under patent filing.
  • The Exhibit must be classified into the following technology areas:

    Class A

    Smart City: Infrastructure, Building, Environment Protection, Energy

    Class B

    Smart Home & Living: Home Appliances, Wellness, Textile

    Class C

    Smart Finance: Fintech, Blockchain & DLT, RegTech, Electronics, Computer Sciences, Software

    Class D

    Health Technologies and Medicine: Accessories, Internet of Medical Technology IoMT, MedTech

    Class E

    Smart Transportation: Drones & Applications, Autonomous Transport, Motor Vehicles, Ships, Aviation, Accessories

    Class F

    Smart Industry: Mechanics, Agriculture, Processing, Machinery Tools, Materials

  • The physical display of the Exhibit at the showcase is subject to a maximum size limit of 50cm x 50cm x 50cm. If the size of the Exhibit exceeds this limit, alternative presentation tools (e.g., tablets, dummies, presentation boards, etc.) shall be utilized and provided by the Participant.

Application Procedures

Application Procedures

Participants are required to complete an online application form and provide necessary information of the Exhibits on or before the designated application deadline.

Each Participant can submit a maximum of 2 Exhibits only.

Participants can indicate their preferred showcases for displaying their Exhibits. However, the ultimate placement of the exhibits rests solely with the Organizer's discretion.

Exhibit Evaluation

Exhibit Evaluation

All submitted Exhibits will undergo rigorous evaluation by a distinguished panel of industry professionals. The shortlisting process will be conducted based on the following pertinent criteria: novelty, level of innovation and invention, technical utility and symbolic significance.

Important Dates
For Display Showcase

at e-Day 2023

Important Dates
For Display Showcase

at 49th IEIG

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